Divorce Preparation and Recovery Counseling

Do you wish to rebuild your life after suffering the pain of a separation or divorce?


Divorce Preparation and Recovery Counseling
to pave the way for an emotionally healthy, more balanced new you.


As a divorcing or divorced parent you may feel...

  • Disbelief: “This cannot be happening to me...”
  • Anger: “Who is to blame? How dare he/she...!”
  • Depression: “It doesn’t matter anymore what I do...”
  • Guilt: “If only I had done more of ... or better... I should have...”
  • Rejection: “What did I do to deserve this? Why am I not given another chance?”
  • Loneliness and Doubt: “Will I ever be able to love another person again or be loved by someone?”
  • Grief: “Everything seems lost. I cannot fit the pieces of the puzzle together... I so miss...!”
  • Loss of Trust in yourself and others: “Words mean very little now...”
  • Emotional numbness: I do not feel anything at all. I am just functioning.”
  • Isolation and stigmatization: “I am in this foreign land of divorce all alone... I can no longer hang out with my couples friends. They don’t understand the pain...”
  • Fear of financial challenges: “How am I going to pay all the bills without his/her other income? Will I be able to afford staying in the house? Will I have to move or relocate?”


Children of a divorcing or divorced couple may feel...

  • sad or depressed over the loss of their life as they knew it
  • fear of ultimate abandonment
  • strong sense of insecurity
  • injured sense of self-worth, self-esteem
  • resentment toward one parent or both parents
  • guilt over the divorce
  • the need to blame themselves for their parents’ break-up
  • a strong sense of betrayal and resulting anger
  • loss of trust in other people
  • fear of the future


As a result, children may show:

  • need to turn to troublesome peers
  • decline in school grades
  • oppositional and defiant behavior
  • excessive whining or clinging
  • regressive behavior such as bed-wetting, thumb-sucking
  • frequent physical complaints such as headaches or stomachaches
  • nightmares
  • acting out sexually
  • self-mutilation: cutting
  • suicidal thoughts/attempts
  • illegal behavior such as shoplifting


Please Remember:

This might be the most vulnerable, stressful, angry, sad, and confusing time in your life and/or that of your child or children. Taking good care of yourself will help you get through to the other side of the tunnel.

If you have any concerns about your own emotional and mental well-being or that of your child or children during or after experiencing a separation or divorce, please feel free to call.